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Enjoying great food is more than just a sensory experience. It’s an all-around experience of gathering your ingredients and picking the freshest ones possible. At Mitchell's Bakery and Marketplace, we ensure that our staff helps you find everything you need and that you enjoy your experience shopping at our store. Please read some of our customer reviews and if you would like, send some yourself after visiting our St. Catharines’s store.

Great Selection for Dinner and Dessert

I love to pick up their frozen pulled pork and buns for an easy dinner. The frozen section has so much selection like shepherd's pie, plus if I need some fresh vegetables or grocery items I can grab a few things, and the best part is grabbing some sweets for after dinner. Can't go wrong!

- Lauren G., December 7, 2015

Outstanding Customer Service

Came to them [Mitchell’s] after another cake store in durham met us and talked into our wedding cake, took a deposit, then closed down, and re-opened. They had horrible customer service and cakes (they also had my deposit and would not refund it). This happened three weeks before our wedding. Great samples [at Mitchell’s] and I even got some free cookies (I'm a guy we love cookies). Very friendly and had great insight in to how to make my fiancé and I eat cake. Great service and will be doing business in the future.

- Kent W., August 30, 2012

Visit our store to see daily specials and experience our customer service dedication for yourself!

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